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  • 24.1.2014 - Cultural Intelligence

    Day:       Friday, January 24th, 2014

    Time:     11:00 – 12:30

    Place:    ČVUT, Transportation Faculty Building, Horská 2040/3, room H005, near Albertov



    Culture matters. As the world globalizes and diversifies, we find ourselves communicating with people from all lands of the world. Learn how they are different and how to cope.


    • Dividing the globe into cultures and subcultures
    • Geert Hofsteede’s model of cultural differences (perception of time, authority, risk-avoidance, etc.)
    • Emotional and social intelligences
    • Common sense and empathy
    • How to avoid misunderstandings
    • Strategy for the future



    Howard Rokofsky
    (Brooklyn, NY 1966)

    Howard Rokofsky has been dealing with a wide range of companies and personalities for his entire professional life. Starting out in 1996 as English teacher at a banking academy in the Netherlands, since 2002 he has been training and coaching soft skills in most major sectors.

    Howard’s humor, flexibility and gumption contribute to a dynamic, interactive training atmosphere people feel comfortable in.

    Simulcast Webinar

    If you are unable to join this group in person, try joining from your home or office by visiting www.anymeeting.com/unypmba at the time of the event.

    Contact Aaron Johnson at ajohnson@unyp.cz for questions.

    In recent years, he has enjoyed moderating brainstorming sessions, mediating conflicts and ad hoc negotiating for clients. His pet project is teaching Clinical Empathy at the Charles Univ. medical faculty in Prague.


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