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  • Seminar Title: Change Management

    On Friday, March 28, business consultant Peter Kesch provided an hour of discussion on change management for the March contribution to the UNYP/CVUT/Inovacentrum entrepreneurship lecture series as part of UNYP's newly formed Entrepreneurship Center. 

    Peter Kesch started his professional career as a consultant in 1993 where he was running and managing the first SAP R/3 projects in Czech Republic and Germany. On his way from project manager, consulting manager, international consulting manager, COO and CEO in the area of Business Process Management, product development and IT consulting he was very often involved in the management of change, management projects, turn around management projects, and merger and acquisitions, both on the client side as well as for his own company.

    Mr. Kesch provided a discussion on ten points he always keeps in mind regarding change:

    1. Don’t be afraid of change
    2. Make sure you have a well defined target
    3. Understand why things go wrong
    4. Which initiatives will lead to the target
    5. When is the right time to start implementing changes?
    6. How are you measuring today and how do you want to measure tomorrow
    7. Make the people part of the change process.
    8. Don’t be afraid to change people 
    9. Execute and implement change
    10. Changes implemented... what now?

    UNYP, CVUT, and Innovacentrum thank Peter Kesch for his time and energy in bringing us his ideas in the Entrepreneurship Lab.  The video for this talk can be found on Youtube:

    Part I: http://youtu.be/7avD44t0ePM

    Part II: http://youtu.be/6r5uEJu0Mjk

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